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Mercedes Repair
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Our technicians will help fix virtually any problem your Mercedes might face. This can be anything from a problematic gearbox to an impaired clutch. Our company only replaces components with the approved parts of the manufacturer.

Exhaust Repairs

Exhausts are responsible for controlling the emission levels which come out from your vehicle. It is vital to keep the exhaust working in proper condition to make the engine of your car run smoothly and producing the appropriate emission levels. We will help you in this respect.

It is important to make use of only the genuine Mercedes components or OEM and our top-quality service.

Clutch Repairs

The clutch of your Mercedes will play an important role for your vehicle to function effectively. While changing gears, the clutch is also working simultaneously to make sure that your car reacts according to the gear selected by you.

Any failure with the clutch will make it very difficult for you to drive the vehicle. Here at Godstone Mercedes, we are eager to allow you to drive your Mercedes on the road, using our specialised know-how.

Clutches do not come with any particular replacement mileage; therefore, you need to inspect them from time to time. You can't go wrong with our top-quality and verified clutches, fitted by our expert technicians.

Cambelt Repairs

You won't get any warning sign if there is any problem with the timing belt! On most occasions, these types of symptoms generally appear when it's too late, and you'll need to shell out a considerable amount of money. Because of this negligence, your Mercedes is going to suffer a lot.

Mercedes is known to specify particular intervals depending on the mileage or age of your vehicle to recommend when you must be swapping the timing to avoid any damage.

The quality parts provided by us will help your engine run smoothly in the long run.

Brake Repairs

Always make sure to get the Mercedes brakes checked regularly by a certified mechanic since brakes can be accountable for your safety.

Take note of these symptoms, which will indicate a brake problem: 

 A longer than usual braking distance

A brake pedal that is vibrating or pulsating

It is essential to feel that you can depend on your brakes to drive peacefully. If you’re driving a Mercedes, we will ensure your vehicle brakes operate flawlessly while safeguarding the warranty provided by your manufacturer. Our company is known to fit only genuine Mercedes components or OEM.

Gearbox Repairs

Gearboxes happen to be a complicated component of your vehicle, and therefore Mercedes gearbox fixes are critical when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. Godstone Mercedes provides a high-quality Mercedes gearbox repair plus replacement services.

Do you hear any clunking sound while shifting the gears or is your car suffering from any leaking transmission fluid?

Godstone Mercedes will provide affordable and quick Mercedes gearbox fixes which will gratify every customer.


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