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Trained Technicians

Our well qualified, trained technicians can handle all kinds of repairs and servicing for Mercedes cars. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us since we want to retain our existing customers and ensure that our service is always first choice to them.

Competitive Rates

We also hope our customers will recommend our service to their family and friends. We are honest and professional while providing services; therefore, customers can be assured of our integrity, since we try to provide the best car services at competitive rates.

Itemised Billing

We can provide car owners with any information they require, and also a break up of the pricing. The prices of car related services and MOT's booked with us are the best in the area. The pricing for any other car related work is also extremely competitive.

Is your car under warranty?

Car owners should be aware that it is not mandatory for car owners to have their Mercedes car serviced at the main car dealer alone. The car owner can choose any service provider.

The specialised diagnostic and tooling facilities at our premises ensure that the vehicle is quickly repaired or serviced properly. As an independent Mercedes specialist, the work that we carry out will not affect your warranty.

Our Services




General Repairs

Gearbox Servicing

Air Conditioning servicing
and repairs

MOT Process

Car owners should be aware that if they do not have a valid MOT certificate, their car insurance will not be valid.

We are an independent specialist MOT. We provide MOT and pre MOT services for a wide range of vehicles ranging from Mercedes Benz, BMW, vans and saloons at prices far lower than the official dealers.

After the MOT is completed, the vehicle owner will be provided with a list of defects or flaws in the vehicle. We will also advise the vehicle driver whether the repairs have to be completed immediately or whether they can wait for some time, before fixing the faults.

We can check a vehicle and repair it so that it passes the MOT. We can also arrange for a courtesy vehicle for the vehicle owner.


According to law, vehicles older than three years should undergo an MOT to check the condition of the car. The MOT checks the car to ensure that it can be driven safely and the environmental pollution caused by the car engine is less than the permitted levels.

The condition of your engine, gearbox & clutch is not checked as part of the MOT, although the engine emissions (pollutants emitted via the exhaust) is checked for environmental reasons. 

However, we recommend all automatic gearboxes have their oil & filter changed every 50,000 miles; 7g type gearboxes should be serviced every 40,000 miles.

An MOT covers:

Lighting and Signalling Equipment

Seat Belts

Body Structure

Brakes, Tyres and Wheels

Windows, Wipers & Washers

Steering & Suspension

General Components
i.e Engine, Exhaust or Fuel Emissions



diagnostics machine

online service book updateS

Mercedes Servicing

The servicing of the car is undertaken according to the schedule specified by the manufacturer. Mercedes Benz trains the mechanics servicing the car. When the car is under warranty from the manufacturer, if the vehicle is serviced according to the schedule specified, the car owner retains the warranty from the manufacturer.

Our prices for servicing your Mercedes car are usually 35% lower than the prices quoted by the main Mercedes dealers.

Do you live in Godstone, Surrey? 

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Our services DO NOT affect your original Mercedes warranty.

Our Location

We are based in Godstone, Surrey, offering repair and maintenance services for Mercedes cars. We are also an MOT centre and have provided car services for more than twenty years.

The diagnostic equipment and methods used are the same as those used by the main dealers, and Mercedes keeps us updated monthly.


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